Since the start in the autumn of 2010, Berit and Stein has kept together this fun little bluesy band with a genuine love for quality music and strong live performances. The influences are many, but the blues and the bluesrock of the seventies remain the genre that inspires the band the most. From the rather hesitant and searching first version of the band, until present days confident and playful lineup, one simple principal has been firmly held on to: It’s all about the music and having fun while performing it.

In 2015 the band decided to take the music one step further, and they released their debut album, “Hands All Dirty”. The album was received really well, the band has gotten some international attention and airtime on quite a few radio stations around the world following the release. (The original album is actually sold out, but is of course still available on digital platforms.)

During the summer of 2018 the band decided it was time to change names from the somewhat problematic “The Bitch and the Bluesmen”, to the more radio-friendly name “Betty Blackmail Band”. At the same time the band re-released the “Hands All Dirty” album digitally under the new band name while waiting for the upcoming and long-awaited album number two, “Murky Waters”.

The band’s second album was released in September of 2018 – a strong collection of original tunes with a couple of nods to some of the sources of inspiration along the way. The album(“Murky Waters”) has been well received and has gotten airtime on radio stations all over the world.

The band is first and foremost a live act. Performing the music live in front of an enthusiastic crowd will always be what gives the music an edge, and is ultimately what it’s all about. Many good musicians has been part of the lineup for longer or shorter periods of time, but today’s lineup of skillful musicians is clearly the most exciting version of the band this far. To bring the raw and energetic music to a venue near you, we present to you this fine collection of musicians:


Lead vocals:
Berit “Betty Blackmail” Hanssen


Guitars/backing vocals:
Stein Hanssen


Bass guitar/backing vocals:
John “Mini” Kamphaug

John Erik

Drums and noises:
John Nilsen